Investment banking services

Our capital markets expertise helps us find financing solutions that meet clients’ strategic objectives. Our connections with banks, private equity funds, family offices, and corporates enable us to connect capital with opportunities. We develop deals’ structure and terms, handle all marketing materials and fully coordinate the transaction process. Read more

Private equity funds

We have set up an investment channel to the high growth Chinese technology companies, where our clients co-invest with respectful sovereign & global venture capital funds.

Fixed income and equity funds

We have organized access to fixed income and equity markets via reliable UCITS-compliant funds structure. The funds invest in public emerging markets instruments with a focus on Russia. Please refer to for more information on our funds.

Managed accounts and financial advisory

Managed accounts are intended for those who prefer individual investment strategies tailored to meet the specific request for risk, return, and liquidity. We can also share in-house investment views, ideas, and expertise with clients who prefer to manage accounts on their own.

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